The issue of water-poverty is not one unique to any one nation, this is a global crisis that affects us all. We are currently planning expansions of our efforts in Abia State, Enugu State, and Ghana. Find out more about exactly how we do it

As part of our current initiative, we are currently executing the construction of a communal well in the rural village of Arondizuogu, Nigeria.

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We have a mission – but we can’t do it alone. Together, however, we can make a difference. Find out more about what you can do to join the cause.


Water is the Answer

Water is the Answer (WIA) is a Non-Profit Organization, founded in 2015 by Kristofer Madu. WIA was born out of one teenage boy’s strong desire to better the world’s future, which led to the international search for the answer to one of the world’s biggest problems. WIA aims to battle the issue of water-poverty in Nigeria by planning, commissioning, and executing the construction of wells and boreholes in rural communities all across Nigeria. 

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