The Start of The Drop

Water is the Answer (WIA) is a Non-Profit Organization, founded in 2015 by Kristofer Madu. WIA was born out of one teenage boy’s strong desire to better the world’s future, which led to the international search for the answer to one of the world’s biggest problems. WIA aims to battle the issue of water-poverty in Nigeria by planning, commissioning, and executing the construction of wells and boreholes in rural communities all across Nigeria. Not only do these efforts provide direct access to potable supplies of clean drinking water, but they also open up whole new worlds of possibility in healthcare, longevity, and education: thus creating a unique portal to development. ​

This all started with an idea in the head of one teenage boy, which then materialized as a humanitarian effort on the grounds of one nation in West Africa – but this is not where it will stop.

WIA + Travis Karter

WIA has now partnered with Travis Karter– an International Recording Artist who has dedicated his music career towards being an instrument of good. Travis has vowed to contribute 100% of the profits generated by his music towards funding the future construction of wells, bore holes, and other WIA related endeavors to provide universal access to clean water across the globe.

Kristofer Madu

Founder & CEO

Three years ago, Water is the Answer was but an idea in the head of a 14-year-old High School Sophomore, sitting in the back of an AP Human Geography Class. Today, it has grown into a multinational humanitarian effort, that has already changed the lives of thousands in rural communities such as the Arondizuogu village. Kristofer continues to work hand in hand with the rest of the WIA team to get closer and closer to making the answer available to all.

Ernest Madu M.D.

Chief Adviser and CFO

As Chief Adviser and Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Ernest Madu serves plays a major role in the planning, funding, and execution of wells. Using his vast knowledge and experience in the field of advancement in developing nations, Ernest provides WIA with critical insight for the effective execution of high-risk projects.

Dainia Baugh M.D.

Adviser and Chairwoman

As Chairwoman and Adviser, Dr. Dainia Baugh not only serves as a consultant for WIA, but also an adviser and key strategist. She plays a key role in the planning stages of construction, coming up with critical and ingenious methods to complete complex tasks in simple ways.

Okey Madu

Scout and Project Manager

As Scout and Project Manager, Okey Madu plays an integral role to the progress of projects by scouting out adequate locations for wells and boreholes, and then overseeing their construction. Okey works tirelessly on the front lines to bring into fruition the plans and ideas WIA collectively brings forth.